Bible study notes

Listed below are the Bible study notes for home groups

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Lenten Studies – part 3
In the 1950’s the Rev. J. B. Phillips wrote a translation and commentary on St. Paul’s epistles that he called “Letters to Young Churches”. A lot of readers will remember the occasion or/and have read the book.
Lenten Studies – part 2
The book of Psalms is a great repository of spiritual riches. Many of them are quite short – less than twenty verses. Rather than read normally and quietly it may be a help to read it out loud – slowly.
Lenten Studies – part 1
A period of reflection and abstinence for forty days before Easter, ending on Easter Day.

The life and teaching of Isaiah – part 2
Isaiah was a prophet (preacher), statesman and counsellor to the kings of Judah, in Jerusalem in the period 740-681BC. His life and ministry coincided with the invasion and subjugation of Judah by Assyria.
The life and teaching of Isaiah – part 1
The book of Isaiah is long (66 chapters compared with 52 chapters for Jeremiah and 46 chapters for Ezekiel) and is rich in spiritual enlightenment and in prophecy. It covers the reigns of four kings of Judah.

Journeys part 4 – Autumn 2015
What are we going to do about the refugees?
Journeys part 2 – Autumn 2015
Have you ever migrated from one country to another?
Journeys part 1 – Autumn 2015
Have you ever been on a journey?

Generosity part 4 – Autumn 2015
The first great missionary to the gentile world was Saul of Tarsus, who became St. Paul. Do you remember the story of his conversion?
Generosity part 3 – Autumn 2015
Generosity is the practice of free and unrequited giving to others. An act of giving based on the hope or expectation of a return favour is not generosity but barter. Once you have given something it belongs solely to the beneficiary – even if they use the gift selfishly or unwisely.
Generosity part 2 – Autumn 2015
Question addressed to the readers
Is it possible to buy your way into the kingdom of heaven?
A lot of people have tried it, in various ways.
How much does it cost?
How do you go about making the payments?
Generosity part 1 – Autumn 2015
Do you consider yourself to be a generous person?
If you answered the question did you do so entirely off your own bat, by consulting yourself? Or did you seek the opinion of someone else?
If you live with a long-term partner they may be prepared to offer an opinion. Seeing ourselves as others see us can be educational.

Death to Life part 8 – Spring 2015
We are all going to die. No exceptions. It is inevitable and nothing can be done to avoid it. Modern medical science has reduced the risk in some areas and vastly improved the treatments but the ultimate conclusion is inescapable.
Death to Life part 7 – Spring 2015
A lot of the stories concerning the great figures in the Bible involved life or death situations. Situations arose requiring decisions to be made that quite literally involved the lives or deaths of certain people.
Death to Life part 6 – Spring 2015
Some of the historical figures in the Bible were called upon to offer their lives in the service of the Lord God. They were all called upon to live lives which could put them into physical danger. Some had to live their lives being criticised, even scorned, by the societies in which they lived. In these cases their lives were a precursor of the Saviour of the world.
Death to Life part 5 – Spring 2015
Some of the people recorded in the Bible were called upon to make ‘life or death’ decisions. Sometimes the decisions directly affected their own lives – such as the battlefield decisions made by soldiers. Even more awesome, some people had to make decisions that affected the lives and welfare of others.
Death to Life part 4 – Spring 2015
The Lord God has called into His service many people over the years. Some of them have had to sacrifice their own lives. Many of them have been involved in situations and in decision-making that involved life or death decisions concerning others.
Death to Life part 2 – Spring 2015
Some of the great people in the Bible were called upon to close encounters with death. Usually it was their own death, but sometimes their involvement in the lives and deaths of others.
Death to Life part 1 – Spring 2015
We are all going to die. It is inevitable and inescapable. Some people die in old age after a fulfilled life. Some people die young without a chance of fulfilment, such as casualties in war. Some people die as children without ever reaching their potential, and we regard it as a waste and a tragedy.

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