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Please find new rota below.


  7th Jan:   25th Feb:   15th April:  3rd June:  22nd July:  9th Sept:  28th Oct:  16th Dec: 

Mrs Angela Tate

Stuart and Val Ross

Hazel Leech

Julie Platt


14th Jan: 4th March:  22nd April:  10th June:  29thJuly:  16th Sept:  4th Nov:  23rd Dec: 

Mrs Ann Ormondroyd

Joan Yeates

Mrs Julie Rainer


21st Jan:  11th March:  29th April:  17th June:  5th Aug:  23rd Sept:  11th Nov:  30th Dec:

Mrs Mary Bavington

Hazel Leech

Mrs Val Raybould


28th Jan:  18th March:  6th May:  24th June:  12th Aug:  30th Sept:  18th Nov: 

Mrs Elaine Buckingham

Mrs Joyce Greaves

Karen Parkinson

4th Feb:  25th March:  13th May:  1st July:  19th Aug:  7th Oct:  25th Nov: 

Mrs Sue Waine

Ann Dalton

Kate Inglis


11th Feb:  1st April:  20th May:  8th July:  26th Aug:  14th Oct:  2nd Dec: 

Mrs Sue Newton

Mrs Ann Mainman

John & Liz Rawnsley


18th Feb:  8th April:  27th May:  15th July:  2nd Sept:  21st Oct:  9th Dec: 

Mrs Pam Terry

Mrs Barbara Judd

Mrs Rowena Gillow



If you are unable to do your slot, please swap with someone in another team.

In the event you have been unable to do this, phone one of the undernoted who may be able to help

Lisa Adams

Angela Briggs

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