Consequence-style Prayers by Pathfinders

by StPeters on February 14, 2016

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God I love you,
because you made us and you are kind.
I admire your intrinsically designed trees
and stunning sunsets.
You help me through difficult times.
I thank you Jesus because you have spread God’s word.
Therefore, I will share your love with the world.

God I worship you,
because you are benevolent and wise.
Your people love you and the sky is always blue and limitless.
You inspire and believe in me.
I thank you Jesus because you made me.
I shall, therefore, praise you continually.

God, you look after us all
because you are thoughtful
and you are our Sustainer and you protect us.
You have given life and splendour in the colours and beauty you have created.
You guide me.
I thank you God because you keep us all safe.
Therefore, I will always seek you in other people too.

Dear God, you love and save us all,
You have given us life and this planet to live on
and you made the Universe.
Your seas reflect the majesty of the heavens.
You always help me by providing people in times of trouble.
Thank you for taking your life for me.
Therefore, I will keep your commandments
and spread the love you have to others.

Loving creator, I thank you
because you care for us all
with all your love
and you watch over us.
The earth is perfectly located; not too close or too far away from the sun,
and the trees create oxygen that we can breathe so we can live.
You look after my family,
and I honour you Jesus because you were brave.
Therefore, I will praise you forever.

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